The Narrow Lane can design retaining walls, grilling stations, walkways, garden borders, patios, fire pits, and stairways to beautify and add value to your property. Preview a sample of our work then contact us (617) 620-3795 to discuss your landscaping needs.

Decorative hardscaping is a way to minimize the maintenance needs and expenses of the landscaping around your home or business. The Narrow Lane has experience in conceptualizing and designing hardscapes that compliment your home and beautifully extend your outside living area.


As you consider your landscaping needs you should understand the benefits that stone work and hardscaping design bring to your property, including:


  • Climate resistant décor since stone does not deteriorate due to exposure to UV rays, moisture, or any other weather-related elements.
  • Hardscaping can camouflage other, less attractive utility features and areas of the yard
  • Unlike mulch, stone work does not decompose which means less adding or replacing once it is installed.
  • Hardscaping created barriers to tree roots and weeds that can easily work their way up through mulch or other wood-based landscaping features.
  • Professionally installed walkways can lower the risk of trips and falls on your property as well as enhance the overall aesthetic design.

We look forward to meeting you!