Landscape Maintenance

When most people think of “landscape maintenance” they think about watering plants and replacing annuals, but great landscape maintenance entails so much more. The Narrow Lane offers a full range of landscape maintenance services to help keep your grounds looking their best through every season.

Aside from the astatic benefits of having professionally maintained grounds, choosing the right landscaping company can make your outside living area or business a more attractive to guests and patrons. In addition, professionally maintained grounds also provide the following:

  •  Increased property value.
  • Tree trimming helps you avoid bigger problems like damage from fallen tree branches during a storm.
  • Maintained gardens and lawns are less likely to become breading grounds for grubs and annoying outdoor pests.
  • Eliminate hassles for property owners who may not know the proper cycle for aerating, watering, and pruning the variety of plants on the property.


At The Narrow Lane, it is our goal to make your property an aesthetic, safe environment that you and others can enjoy in every season. Let us create a customized maintenance package that will keep your property looking its best. Give us a call today at (617) 620-3795 to schedule a consultation.


We look forward to serving you!